Tasty Bell

1 07 2009

I got back from the gym just now but on the way home i got a bite to eat at “Tasty Bell”. I often go here for a snack or some light dinner. it is conveniently located at a petrol station that also has a veg shop, grocery store and bakery. So it’s now my new alternative to the pure hell that is Carrefour. Tasty Bell is run by a bunch of Indian dudes and it is surprisingly well run. I’m not sure why this place is so much better than other food places but they have it down to a tee. The menu has everything on it. When i say everything i mean literally any kind of meal you can imagaine. Thai, Chinese, European, Arab, American, and of course Indian and some random dishes thrown in for good measure. This does not however mean that you will be able to get the meal you want. Today i got my vegetable club sandwich but the last time i ordered a Shish Tawook. This is a nice Arabic BBQ chicken with a soft bread. Unfortunately (for me) they decided that i didn’t want this for dinner. No – what i wanted was some chicken nuggets in a sandwich. So this is what i got for my dinner. I was forced to eat it as i was runnign out of time. But I inquired as to why i was given this when i ordered something else. Was it some kind of mistake? Did they hear me wrongly? The actual reason was it would take too long to cook the Shish Tawook. So they Unilaterally decided that instead i would really like a deep fried piece of chicken intenstines on a stale roll. Nice. Don’t get me wrong this place is great. I’m still going there.




2 responses

28 02 2011

The Food is good but the service is very bad..

12 12 2013

It was truly awful. 1 star is more for them.Doesn’t know to treat their customer .Very bad attitude can’t express their regrets in polite manner .They behaving as if they are doing free services .Once I had order some food and I was unable pick the call when waiter ringed me because my phone was switched .That person stared at me like I had done something bad to him.(and that was less than 10 mins delay from me). and today (the day i posted the review), I ordered for breakfast after 2 mins I got a call back from the tasty bell person and said “if we have to wait for half an hour after coming there it be difficult for us because we have other place to go for delivery ” and that was not in polite manner.The way talked make me feel that I am his slave or I am begging to to him for money. There are many bad experience for the tasty bell employees.And I didn’t take it personal till today .

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