Doha Rage

30 06 2009

I must admit i thought i’d finally got over it. Being here for 16 months, working in construction and getting to leave periodically I thought i’d mastered living in Doha without being angry 95% of the time. Infact since returning a month ago from California i lulled myself into a false sense of security and started to believe that living here was ok. Even when being brutally cut up by an insane Qatari Land Cruiser swerving through the traffic at 150kph i could almost let it go…

Well that came crashing down around me this week. I can’t really put my finger on the exact reason why but it started with not eating any breakfast and then mistakenly ordering a cesar salad instead of a chicken cesar making me ravenously hunger and therefore in a foul mood by 4pm. Then i discover that i can’t buy any food at work after 2pm because the canteen is closed. So after knawing my hand for a few hours i was eager to get back home. No. The biggest traffic jam ever and some of the most stupid, selfish and dangerous driving i have seen. I’m not talking about my driving either. Just imagine the foul mood i was in. Couple this with some monumental f*ck ups at work due to complete inactivity from someone or stupidity from another (all not my fault but sadly my responsibilty) the next two days and bang i’m back to full Doha hatred mode. Hopefully it will filter away and i’ll forget all about it.




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