British MPs living it up

12 05 2009

Is anyone else finding the dabacle of MP’s expenses as hilarious as I am? I can’t think of a better story for the media to have right now. Gordon Brown is forced to apologise, David Cameron smuggly says one of his MP’s expenses are wrong, then has to fork out for his own wrong expense a couple days later. I just find it terribly amusing. Perhaps because subconsiously i know i have the luxury of not paying tax right now. But on a serious and more disturbing note, the thing that worries me is the fact that these expenses were even paid. Who was looking at the reciept and deciding that it was reasonable for an MP to have his swimming pool repaired by the tax payer? The problem i think lies with the expenses system. I mean if you could get away with putting in such an expense (assuming you own a swimming pool) and get away with it wouldn’t you? After years of using and abusing the system and having no reprimand for doing so it’s no wonder that so many ridiculous expenses have been claimed. Anyway, its about time they were brought into line. It’s all the bankers fault anyway…




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