Ramada incompetence

8 05 2009

Last night i was enjoying a few beers with my friend in the Ramada, Doha. At last orders i decided to have one more Guiness so ordered it from the waiter. About 5 mins later i thought, actually i don’t want this beer. So i go over to the waitor and ask him to cancel the order. I cannot sir was the response. Why? Already in the till. But you haven’t poured the drink yet so can’t you just cancel it? (something i know can be done from working a bar myself) No. Manager comes over. I want to cancel my order. No you can’t. Why? It’s already in the till. Well i don’t want it so i’m going to leave. You haven’t poured it yet so what the problem. No sir you must pay or i will “take action”. Which i presume meant get the bouncers to stop me leaving. After arguing for a few minutes one of the bar staff starts to pour the Guiness. Can you believe this? THis is something out of a Ukrainian strip joint in the Ramada Hotel. So i take my beer and drink it and pay £8 for the pleasure. After about 5 minutes the manager comes over to try and justfy why he did this. Already in the till he crys. Piss off and leave to drink this drink that i did not want in peace you complete idiot was the response from me.

Complaint is to be raised to the management.




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