Time Travel

1 05 2009

Time in Qatar passes quickly. The first month seems like an eternity. The next 5 pass normally and then you start going into warp speed. Now i’ve been here over 14 months and it genuinely seems like i’ve been here only a few months. Very strange.

The main reason for this is my routine. Wake up 5.30am. Leave for work 6.20am. Start work 7.00am. Lunch 12.00. Finish work 6.00pm. Home by 6.40pm. Maybe hit the gym, shop or stay in. Bed at 10.30pm. Repeat.

Infact its so monotonous it’s strangely comforting. I just end up counting the days until my next holiday. Infact i can tell you its in 13 days… I often joke that i’ve been in Doha 8 weeks because each time i leave for a week it seems like only a week has passed since the last time i left…




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