Crazy Rain

14 04 2009

Over the last few days it has been raining. Becuase this is a rare occurence the drainage systems on the roads are not quite up to the task and the streets flood leaving water sitting in puddles until it evapourates.

One particular stretch of road that i use to commute to and from work is unpaved so it is actually rather muddy and has pools of water almost the size of Loch Ness on it. This leads to people driving at about 2km/h through the puddles because they don’t understand that cars can actually go through puddles above this speed. So i went through this puddle overtaking all the other cars (as i usually do). This time one gentleman was for reasons unknown to me very upset about this, chased after me and pulled me over. He got out his car and opened my passenger door (at this point i was a little worried) and shouted something in indian (not sure which language). It turned out he had unfortunately had his window open as i had driven by and had been sprayed with water. I apologised and he walked sheepish away, perhaps realising that it may have been a good idea to close his window before going through this large puddle. I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the journey home.




One response

30 09 2009

Brilliant! hehehe. Congrats on getting married!! How was the wedding? Did you wear a kilt? sad that we missed it though 😦

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