14 12 2008

I managed to escape Doha again to visit India. Unfortunately i was due to leave a few days after the Mumbai attack. However i was travelling to the south so i wasn’t too worried about getting caught up in the following mess.

We flew into Kochi airport after an hour and a half of cruising in a holding pattern due to fog over the runway. Tense times onboard but after an aborted landing and the captain informing us that 2 other planes had redirected to another airport we landed safely.

After 2 hours in line at customs ( i think because 4 flights landed shortly before and after us) i was hit by India. A great clamour of faces and colour awaited us at the exit to the airport. The presence of Indian army commandoes carrying large machine guns was also a very stark reminder of what had happened in Mumbai. It was into a taxi for a terror ride into Fort Cochin (Fort Kochi). Drivers here have no qualms on overtaking. Even if there is a large truck coming the opposite direction and the 1.0 litre engine seemed incapable of powering our car past we somehow made it. I thought driving in Qatar was bad!




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