Car Parking Chaos

25 10 2008

Today i left the flat in my car from the basement car park.  I noticed that the building maintenance men were up to something but didn’t investigate further.  After a good work out in the gym to try and remove the flab that has built up there since moving to Doha i find that somebody is in my parking space.  This is actually the first time this has happened but i did what any miffed parking space owner would do and blocked them in with my car.  I was about to get into the lift when the security gaurd tried to tell me that i shouldn’t do that because it wasn’t my space.  I was completely baffled by this as this has been my space for the past 8 months and even has a sign saying flat 22.  But wait, when i look at the sign the guard was indeed correct.  This space is now flat 17’s space.  I look at the next space.  This is now flat 21’s instead of 23’s as it was before i left the building.  The maintenance guys had changed everyones parking spaces around with seemingly no logical order, at nobodys request and for as far as i could see no reason.  Very strange.

After grumbling a bit about how stupid this all was i parked in my new space. Which is now inbetween flat 26 and 15s parking space.  Go figure…




One response

30 09 2009

haha! again! maybe they can’t count so all the numbers look the same to them?

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