Back in Town

11 10 2008

So, it took leaving Doha and returning to London to get my juices going so here goes!

Yesterday i returned to London to catch my plane to Doha.  I flew from Dundee to London and then struggled across London on the DLR and tube to get to Heathrow.  It was while compacted into the Picadilly line it occured to me that i was completely “out of my element”.  This came as a surprise because during my time in London i considered myself to be a seasoned tube user and would regularly curse(not literally 🙂 people blocking my way with a suitcase.  There i was getting in the way with my big suitcase.  Darn.

The whole experience just highlighted to me how much i actually miss the city.  Sure there are downsides to living in London – the tube, muggings, pollution, high cost of living, but the upsides (friends, meeting new people, culture, clubbing, pubs, being in the centre of world) more than accomodate these pitfalls.  So it was on this tube journey that i vowed to return!  watch this space!




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