The Return to Doha

4 07 2008

I have just come back from an excellent holiday in the UK.  This is one of the benefits of being in Doha- more annual leave.  So i made full use of this by going home and catching up with all my friends and family.  This has been very therapuetic.  However i fear the feeling of contentedness will wear off soon and it will be business as usual in Doha. 

The journey back was uneventful exept that the plane was delayed because the bridge to the aircraft was stuck and couldn’t be moved.  Getting back at 1am i was anscious to get home as soon a possible as i had workat 7am that day and hadn’t really slept on the plane.  On the way to the terminal the bus passed some cargo on the tarmac notably an aircraft pallette with a Lambourghni on it!  Probably some Sheihk who didn’t want to hire a car when he went on holiday for the summer… 

The other funny thing was that from a full aircraft of capacity around 300 only about 15 people actually went to customs at Doha.  The rest went to the transfers desk.  Obviously Doha is not the tourist destination it would like to be just yet.  At least i didn’t have to wait long in the passport queue.

SO i’m back.




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