20 05 2008

Today I went to work early to attend a safety talk given by one of the contractors onsite.  I arrived at 6.15am to see a group of workers standing in a circle listening intently to the words of a short Indian man standing before them.  There were all kinds of nationalities here and these guys were all drivers of the big tipper trucks that trundle around site at about 20kph.

The most striking thing about this talk was one guy was giving the talk in Hindi and our indian friend was giving it in English at the same time very clearly and precisely.  Infact it was one of the best safety talks i’ve been to.  And i’ve been to a lot and presented a lot myself!

After i congratulated the man who introduced himself as Sav, for conducting such an eloquent talk.  It turned out he was a preacher for a baptist church in Doha.  We talked about the work he was doing which was interesting (if you are an engineer!) and Cliff (my boss) asked him where he was from.  Hyderabad in the south of India.  He then went on to say that the only reason he was working was to fund an entire Orpanage back in India.  I found this utterly humbling.  I have never heard of anyone working in a job like this to send nearly their entire salary to a cause like this.  This guy was truly an amazing man.  I felt very inadequate after talking to him!




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