Industrial Area

19 05 2008

It may seem like an odd thing to do but myself and Matt decided on Friday to drive to the Industrial Area of Doha just to see what it’s like.  i have never been anywhere like it.  I found the place facinating.  If you can imagine an area about 20 blocks by 10 of small work shops, scrap yards, car auctions, parts shops, intermixed with dilapidated housing then this is what the industrial area is like.  Along each side of the road there is a 10-15m strip of land which is normally full of wrecked cars, lorries, trailers and strange machinery that makes you wonder what the hell that something like that is in Qatar for.  I suspect that everything you can see if for sail.  If you want to buy say, a 100 ton crane then this is the place to come.  A sea container?  No problem sir, i give you special price.  Or how about an off-road motor home?  It’s all here in the industrial area.

It was the first part of Doha that felt it was a ‘real’ place.  There were thousands of indian/philipino workers out enjoying their one day off buy food in the market area and visiting one of the many banks in the area.  The main steet is full of people so you have to drive through the crowd.  It felt like we were in India.  The only obvious difference being that the people around us consisted of 100% males.

Most people hate the industrial area, but i think it’s kind of cool and I like it.  Maybe because i’m an engineer and the prospect of finding THE car of the decade parked at the side of the dusty road is too aluring.  Or maybe i’m just crazy…




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