Think of England (and Scotland!)

15 05 2008

I’ve been thinking about home a lot recently.  This is mainly because I’ve managed to get my holiday approved by my manager with whom i thought i had no chance of doing so.  All i need now is the Project Manager to sign it off and I get my 2 weeks of (And i want you to imagine this is being said in the style of Braveheart!) FREEEEEEEDOM!!!

So i’m going back to Blighty.  I’m looking forward to relaxation and seeing GREEN landscapes and getting fresh cool air (that isn’t from an air-conditioner).  Unfortunately that won’t happen until I go to Scotland for the second week of my trip. The first week will be spent in London partying with maybe a city break somewhere in Europe mid week.  I must get planning.

Anyway all this thought of home only makes me question the pro’s and con’s of being here over London even more than i already do every single day.  This is not a healthy past-time and shouldn’t be encouraged.  I don’t think i’ve actually ever lived somewhere that i have done this!  I should adopt the attitude to ‘just bloody well get on with it’.  But unfortunately I seem to have fallen into the trap of worrying if it’s the right thing to do.  Well i think i’m being stupid. It’s not that bad here.  Infact i’d go as far as saying it’s better than being sent to somewhere like Swansea, Plymouth, Hull and any other crap town you can think of.  And no i don’t feel sorry for calling those towns crap. And yes i’ve been to them with the exception of Hull which is so crap i would never visit.  Guess where my next job will be now…




One response

22 05 2008

Oh, Sandy! You make me want to laugh! Not long now…. (glad to see you are as unpc as ever!) x x

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