Sub-continental thoughts

9 05 2008

As I am beginning to plan a trip to India i began to think about all the Indian workers here in Doha.

Everyday I see bus loads of construction workers being brought in from their labour camps to work on the busy construction sites that are all over Doha.  These guys come to Doha for perhaps 2 or 3 years and are not allowed to leave the country to go back and see family back home.  Most look rather miserable or just exhausted.  They probably earn only 600-700 Riyals per month which translate into £100-130 or $200-260 per month.  Although it could be lower for some of them and i don’t have any real facts about this.  A skilled tradesman may get 2000QAR per month.  This does sound terrible but it occurred to me that this is probably at least 5 times for than they can get in India.  So for a few years of hardship do these people go back to their families rich?  I would like to know.

This is very low considering that most goods here cost roughly the same as in the UK. But i know that most of these guys get there food provided.




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14 05 2008

Liking your blog, Sandy!

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