Computer Joy

6 05 2008

Ah i’m happy today.

I’ve managed to fix my external hard drive.  This is a good thing because for the past 6 months I’ve been under the false impression that it’s been irreparabley broken.

This hard drive firstly had a large amount of music stored on it which of course all of it was obtained legally…ahem.  Secondly it had 5 years worth of digital photos on it including my summer hot air ballooning in some of the most picturesque areas of Europe.  The other items on there were all my work from University including my 2 final year projects and my dissertation.  A lot of late nights and hard graft went into this work and i was probably the most upset about losing this than anything else.

But now it’s all still there!  And to think i only spent 65 Riyals (£9) on a new enclosure for the disk to sort out all that heart ache.  Oh and incase you are wondering why none of this was backed up onto CD then thats because my laptop was very old and didn’t have a CD writer!!  I’ve got a new comp now so its all going on DVD.




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