Mystery Car

1 05 2008

Tonight I returned home and drove into the garage below my apartment block as I normally do.  As i drove down i noticed an unfamiliar car parked at the end of the garage with the lights on and the engine running.  So i parked my car and clambered out all the time debating whether to bother to go and see who the heck was parked in our garage.
I walk over and try and see if anyone is in the car as it is facing towards the wall away from me.  I can’t see anyone in there.  So i walk to the side and slowy edge round to see who it is.  I get to the passenger door and all i can see is a woman slumped over the steering wheel!!  At this point all sorts of thing go through my head like “is this a dead person” or ” OMG i better call an ambulance” or “OMFG”.  So instead i reach out and tap the window.

This prompts the woman to spring up and look with bleary eyes at me.  She takes a second to realise what is going on and then winds the window down.  I say “Are you alright?”.  She replies “I’m just waiting for someone”  Hmm whatever.  I could see she was just having a kip.  But what a strange place to have a snooze?  It’s not like our garage is easy to get into – you have to drive over 100m of waste land, past 2 other garages and then to go underground.

I am at a complete loss as to what this girl was doing there.  I think she was just sleeping but it did make me nervous.




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