Another Car Story

24 04 2008

Well it seems most of my posts so far have been about car. But this one is worth telling. The other day I found my Jeep had a flat battery. After wondering why for a few minutes I noticed the interior light was dimly glowing on the ceiling of the cab. Damn, how was i going to get to work? A quick look around and everyone had already gone. Luckily my neighbour Mohammed came down the stairs at that moment and kindly offered me a lift. We must be the two latest risers in the block! Anyway after returning from work i got some jump leads and started the car after which i drove around for a bit to charge up the battery. Everything seems fine.

That is until I try and start the car before going to a meeting on the building site. Nothing. Completely dead again. This really sucks! It’s Larissa’s 2nd last day and i’ve got to waste time sorting this out. So i decided to leave it at work and sort it out after she had left.

The next day my boss wanted to use my car to go to a meeting so he says lets go and jump start it so i can take it to the garage. So we push it out of its space so it looks like it’s half reversed out and pop the bonnet. The battery is so dead that it won’t start when the leads are connected to the other car.  We are standing around debating what might be wrong and then i hear it. Clunk. Hmm what was that? I try and look in the car but the doors are locked! The security system has locked all the door with the only key i have for the car in the ignition!  D’OH!!

So picture this – my car is blocking about 3 cars in their spaces and half blocking the exit to the car park – it’s about hour before lunch and there is no way for me to move the thing because the parking brake is well and truly on! This is quite an amusing situation to say the least.

Anyway, i drove to the garage using someone else’s car and tried to explain the ridiculous situation to the mechanic who must have thought i was mad, stupid or both. I then had to get a keysmith to come and break into the car (I did consider breaking the window but thought better of it…). I then drove these two guys back to the office – they got the car started and then i had to take them back again.

I got 2 spare keys cut immediately.

So there. I very silly story…




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24 04 2008

Sandy! You legend!

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