New Car

25 03 2008

Ok so i’ve finally managed to get my Residency Permit.  This not only means i get a big stamp in my passport, but also means i can do things normal citizen take for granted.  That is open bank accounts, leave the country and most importantly own a car! 

 I’ve done a deal with one of the guys from work to buy his Jeep Cherokee for a very reasonable price.  I just hope that it will last out a bit longer for me and not break a few days after I buy it.  He is leaving the country for Tokyo of all places!  Lucky guy. 

 The only thing now is to enter the bureaucratic nightmare of changing ownership.  I believe the process is i first need to get my company to write a letter in Arabic saying they don’t mind me owning a car, then i need to get Chris and take him to the police station, hand in the letter, sign something, get Chris to sign something, probably get my iris scanned (i made that up) and then the car is mine!  Sounds simple enough but I’ll let you know how it goes.   




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